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Program Description Fee Start Date End Date
Associate 2016/17 Administrators, Coaches, Officials Chaperones and all parents and volunteers who help with ongoing club activities who do not participate as a skating member. 28.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Competitive 2016/17 A skater who competes in any other SSC (not elite) or Branch/Provincial sanctioned competition. 480.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Elite 2016/17 A skater who competes in International and/or domestic competitions: SSC National Championships (Age Class, Junior, Senior) Qualifiers, Canada Cups, North Americans, Canada Winter Games and selection events in Canada. 515.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Elite National Team 2016/17 Sardis Fliers club skaters currently skating on the Canadian National Team for short track or long track.  No fees required by skaters. 155.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
International Skaters 2016/17 Skaters registered with a different speed skating body from SSC who wish to practice throughout the skating season with the Sardis Fliers.  These skaters compete under their "home" skating club. 150.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Introductory 2016/17 A new speed skater taking part in a learn to skate program with a maximum 10 sessions in a skating season. May compete at ONE Sardis Fliers hosted and sanctioned meet. 125.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Participant - January/February This program is specifically for members who are joining the Sardis Fliers after December 31st of the skating season.
This program is for skaters who participate in practices but do not compete at competitions.
115.00 2017-01-01 2017-03-31
Participant 2016/17 Any skater who participates in practices but does not compete at competitions. 445.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Participant Half Time 2016/17 A skater who averages only skating 1 day a week at practices and does not compete at competitions. Or a skater who joins the club after the end of November and does not plan to compete, may skate twice a week. 265.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31
Skate Rental 2016/17 Skates are rented out to skaters for a full skating season.  A $500 post dated cheque for April 1st is help in trust until the skates are returned at the end of the skating season. 50.00 2016-09-02 2017-04-01
Special Event 2016/17 A skater who takes part in a "one time" club activity excluding sanctioned competitions or a volunteer who helps "one time" only at any club event. 2.00 2016-09-02 2017-05-31