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Program Description Fee Start Date End Date
Milton MayHem - Lets Cause Mayhem Camp This camp was developed to give regional skaters looking to skate at a provincial level a chance for extra training opportunities. If your goal is to make the provincial level race series we hope you will take advantage of this additional on and off ice training time. Provincial series skaters who wish to maintain their fitness level in the off-season are also invited. 113.00 2018-05-05 2018-06-02
Milton MayHem Dryland Only - 2018 This is for skaters wishing to participate in the Milton Mayhem Spring training camp who do not meet the on-ice eligibility criteria or who cannot or do not wish participate in the on-ice portion of the program. 40.00 2018-05-05 2018-06-02
Milton MayHem Skate Rental - 2018 Fee for skate rental for Milton MayHem Speed Skating Camp 20.00 2018-05-05 2018-06-02