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Program Description Fee Start Date End Date
HRSSC coaches 2016-2017

Associate ($5 & $5) Associate $10 A member of a Canadian speed skating club who contributes as a coach, official, volunteer or parent who does not participate as a skating member.

2016-09-13 2017-03-23
HRSSC Competitive Skater 2016-2017 Groups A, B and C SSC/SSNS Competitive fees 2016-09-20 2017-03-30
HRSSC Elite Skaters 2016-2017 Groups A, B and C SSC/SSNS Elite fees 2016-09-20 2017-03-31
HRSSC Participant Skater 2016-2017 Group A, B, and/or C skaters SSC/SSNS Participant fees 2016-09-20 2017-03-30