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Program Description Fee Start Date End Date
2016-17 - Half Season Introductory - 2 Days/Wk
Half Season Introductory Program - 2 Days Per Week
September to December  - or - January to March
Tuesdays or Thursdays - 5:30 - 6:15 p.m.
Children learn to skate in a fun and supportive environment with basic drills and lots of fun games. Skaters learn the basics of speed skating including standing on skates, moving forward, stopping, falling, getting up, using the skate blades to push and glide. All skaters begin in hockey skates, and are fitted with speed skates at the discretion of the coaches. Skaters will move to long blades once they show they are completely comfortable on hockey skaters and can skate forward, turn and maintain their balance on hockey skates.
The Rocky Mountain House Speed Skating Club follows a training program guided by the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association (AASSA) and Speed Skating Canada (SSC) following the Long Term Participant and Athlete Development (LTPAD) model which lays a path for athlete development for all sports in Canada.
250.00 2016-09-01 2017-03-31
2016-17 Parent/Guardian/Volunteer - Associate

Associate Member

Parent | Guardian | Volunteer - 2016-2017 Season

All parents/guardians/caregivers of registered skaters are required to register as an associate member.  An Associate member is a member of a Canadian speed skating club/program who contributes as a coach, official, volunteer, or parent/guardian and does not participate as a skating member. Registration is for insurance purposes and affiliation with Speed Skating Canada and Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association.
20.00 2016-09-01 2017-04-30